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‘Journalism has to stop mimicking what’s happening on the Internet’



The ninth annual Kent State Ethics Workshop, held Thursday, looked at how journalism ethics play out in entertainment stories. The workshop addressed some important topics:


  • Privacy vs. adoration
  • Access to celebrities
  • How to get a job in entertainment media
  • Stalking and paparazzi
  • Dealing with publicity and press agents

Here’s a Storify we put together with highlights from the event, which we both spoke at:

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How the entertainment cycle brings out the best & worst journalism


by Kelly McBride

First something crazy happens. It could be DeAndre Jordan making a big dunk, or Miley Cyrus twerking. On Sunday, it was the first Indian-American woman winning the Miss America pageant [...]

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The Civic Commons is an online environment combining the best and most effective aspects of social networking and social media.

Since 2010, the Civic Commons has partnered with the Poynter Kent State Media Ethics Workshop to encourage participation and conversation on the topic of journalism ethics beyond the day of the workshop.

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