Connie Schultz
John Green
Steven Hook
Richard Robyn
Jill Miller Zimon
Mark Naymik
Dan Moulthrop
Gregory Korte
Bill Adair
Pam Fine
Emily Harris
Doug Oplinger
Fran Collins
Bruce Winges
Stephanie Warsmith
Howard D. Fencl
Barbara Paynter
Tommie Jo Marsilio
  • Connie Schultz
  • John Green
  • Steven Hook
  • Richard Robyn
  • Jill Miller Zimon
  • Mark Naymik
  • Moulthrop
  • Korte
  • Adair
  • Fine
  • Harris
  • Oplinger
  • Collins
  • Winges
  • Warsmith
  • Fencl
  • Paynter
  • Marsilio

Event Details

About Dirty Politics

Blistering sound bites, attack ads and pack journalism are all parts of “dirty politics.”  The focus of this year’s Poynter Kent State Media Ethics Workshop will reflect upon the significance of fact-checking, polling and anti-gender bias in political reporting at the eighth annual event at Kent State University’s Franklin Hall on Thursday, Sept. 20.

Media professionals, educators and college students will attend panel discussions, question and answer sessions and debates led by nationally recognized media and political experts.

Pulitzer Prize-winner and Kent State alumna Connie Schultz will address attendees during the lunch keynote presentation. Schultz is an author, TV commentator and former Plain Dealer columnist.

Other speakers include:

Greg Korte
USA Today

PolitiFact representative

Mark Naymik
Plain Dealer political reporter and blogger

John Green
Director, Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, University of Akron

Drs. Steve Hook and Rick Robyn
Professors of political science, Kent State University

Jill Miller Zimon
Pepper Pike City Council member

Bruce Winges, Doug Oplinger & Stephanie Warsmith
Akron Beacon Journal

Barb Paynter & Howard Fencl
Hennes Paynter Communications

Emily Harris
The Journalism Accelerator

Tommie Jo Marsilio
Portage County Commissioner

Kelly McBride
Poynter Institute ethics specialist

Ellyn Angelotti
Poynter Institute journalism values and legal challenges specialist

Additional guests and panelists will be announced soon.


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